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Accardi Companies works directly with Pietro Fiorentini to supply PF Governor gas regulators. Pietro Fiorentini is a long-standing global supplier of high quality solutions for oil and gas applications. With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, the company has earned a reputation for quality and trust.

Pietro Fiorentini

The Pietro Fiorentini line of Governor gas regulators is one of the company’s primary product offerings. Every Governor regulator is designed to comply with all the latest standards from local and international agencies. Additionally, Governor regulators comply with all CSA Group regulations.


The Governor line of gas regulators is designed to be versatile. These regulators are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications with zero modifications required. They are well-suited for use in small residential applications through to large industrial installations.

Safe to Use With Wide Range of Gasses

PF regulators are made using special materials and soft parts which can stand up to a wide range of gases. In fact, you can safely use Governor regulators with natural gas, LPG, petroleum, oxygen, and any other non-corrosive gases.

What is a Gas Regulator

A gas regulator is a device which maintains gas pressure at a pre-set level. In a typical building, a gas regulator is used to reduce and regulate natural gas pressure as the gas comes into the building from the service line.

Why are regulators necessary?

Natural gas regulators are necessary because natural gas is highly pressurized inside service lines. Gas utilities purposely pressurize their service lines to high levels because this helps to move the gas through the lines and into homes and businesses.

Two main functions

A typical gas regulator has two main functions: gas pressure reduction and gas pressure regulation. The goal of gas pressure reduction is simply to lower service line gas pressure to a safe level that can be used by domestic and commercial appliances.

Once the gas pressure is lowered, the regulator must then maintain that pressure at a constant level. This is typically achieved using a diaphragm and spring valve inside the regulator. When pressurized gas flows into the diaphragm chamber, that pressure pushes on the diaphragm which in turn puts tension on the spring valve.

The spring valve constantly adjusts itself based on demand from the outlet side and incoming gas flow from the inlet side. This way the valve always maintains regulated gas pressure at a safe, pre-set level. Spring valves are able to self-regulate without any external power or controllers. Once they are set to a desired pressure level, they will maintain that level consistently. This is a reliable pressure regulation method.

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NYC Governor Gas Regulator Service and Supply

Benefits and Applications of Gas Regulators​

Gas regulators can be found in a wide range of applications. They are not limited to just natural gas regulation. Often, then are used to regulate other gases like LPG, propane, and oxygen. In fact, the Pietro Fiorentini Governor line of gas regulators that we supply can be used with any non-corrosive gases.

With such a broad range of applications, you’ll find gas regulators in almost all modern buildings. Every residential and commercial building uses a gas pressure regulator to control natural gas flow inside the building’s gas lines. However, regulators are also common in medical and industrial environments for use with other gases.

Accardi Companies carries a full line of lockup regulators / irv regulators from brands such as Aetech and Pietro Fiorentini (PF Regulators).

Typical Uses for Gas Regulators​

  • Residential & Commercial Natural Gas
  • Residential Homes
  • Multi-Family Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings & Offices
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Oil Drilling
  • Oil Refining
  • Oil & Gas Storage
  • Natural Gas Production
  • Natural Gas Distribution & Transmission
  • Hospital Equipment
  • Oxygen Tanks
  • Medical Breathing Equipment
  • City Utilities
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Factories & Production Lines
  • Welding Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Process Control

Governor Gas Regulator Applications​

Governor Gas Regulators

Residential & Commercial HVAC​

Gas pressure regulators are essential for gas HVAC systems in both residential and commercial buildings. That’s because the natural gas coming in from the service line is pressurized too high for HVAC systems to use safely. A gas regulator lowers and maintains natural gas pressure at a safe, usable level.

For these applications, we offer safe and reliable Governor gas regulators from Pietro Fiorentini. Governor regulators are designed for all levels of demand. They are well-suited to everything from small residential to large commercial HVAC systems

Oil & Gas ​

Gas regulators are found throughout the oil and gas industry in a wide range of uses. Specifically for natural gas, regulators are used throughout the distribution process to control service line gas pressure. There are typically multiple regulators in a distribution line. They maintain the gas at a high pressure for distribution, then reduce the pressure to safer levels at city gate stations and farm taps.

Pietro Fiorentini Governor regulators are perfect for demanding large-scale industrial applications. They feature a balanced valve design which provides stable regulation of high outlet gas pressure regardless of variations in inlet pressure

Kitchens & Cooking​

In both commercial and residential kitchens, natural gas is essential to run cooking appliances like stoves and ovens. When natural gas comes into a building from the service line, it’s highly pressurized and cannot be used by these appliances. Gas regulators serve to reduce the gas pressure to a safe, useable level.

Governor regulators from Pietro Fiorentini comply with all the latest CSA standards as well as local and international standards for regulators. They can be used in most indoor applications with no modifications necessary.

Hot Water​

Most hot water heaters use natural gas to heat water. Gas regulators are an essential component for hot water heaters because they regulate natural gas pressure to a level that heaters can actually use. You’ll find gas regulators on water heaters in buildings large and small in both commercial and residential applications.

Governor gas regulators feature a double diaphragm design for excellent reliability and safety. Each one also has an integrated external vent limiter which eliminates the need for costly piping in indoor applications.


In industrial manufacturing applications, gas regulators are often used for much more than just natural gas. They are essential for maintaining gas pressure in welding and cutting applications that use oxygen and other non-corrosive fuel gases. They are also commonly used to regulate shop air pressure coming out of air compressors.

Governor regulators are built using materials and soft parts that are suitable for a wide range of gases in addition to natural gas. You can safely use Governor gas regulators with LPG, propane, oxygen, and any other non-corrosive gases.


Large agricultural sites will often have their own “farm taps” along natural gas distribution lines. These taps provide them with a steady supply of natural gas. They supply less gas volume than city gates, so they are usually only suitable for a single farm or small community. 

Pietro Fiorentini Governor regulators feature an integrated vent limiter and double diaphragm design which provides extra safety in the event of failure. They also provide complete lockdown in the absence of gas flow and bubble tight shutoff for extra safety.

Accardi Companies Governor Regulators

High Performance

Pietro Fiorentini Governor regulators are also packed with high-performance features. They feature a balanced valve design which maintains high outlet pressure accuracy despite any variations in inlet pressure. This design also gives you increased capacity and high 500:1 turndown.

Double Diaphragm

Governor regulators also feature a double diaphragm and integrated vent limiter which provide extra safety in the event of primary diaphragm failure. They also have integrated external vent limiters which reduce your overall cost to install. These limiters eliminate the need for costly additional piping in indoor installations.

Cost Effective

Governor regulators are also available in a wide range of options so you usually don’t need to install multiple separate units. This also helps to cut down on your overall installation costs.

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