Commercial Heat Pump from Patterson-Kelley

With a range up to 750MBTU and can be used for both Comfort Heat and Domestic Hot Water Applications.

System Benefits

Powerful Performance in Low Temperatures

Utilizing cutting-edge DC Inverter compressors coupled with an efficient programming algorithm, P-K EvoHP™ technology minimizes capacity reduction even in low ambient temperatures.

Low Temperature - Quick Heating

With proficient solutions and inverter-driven systems cooled by fluorine, P-K EvoHP™ achieves increased heating capacity (without electric auxiliary) even when the water system temperature is low. P-K EvoHP™ promptly elevates water temperature, significantly reducing heating time for users.

Active Noise Reduction

Speed regulating compressors and fans, which can dynamically adjust the speed according to the heating load, allows for a positive end-user experience with operating volume as low as 56dB.

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Wide Operating Range

Equipped with multiple technologies to improve stability and reliability, aiding with extreme temperature challenges and stable operation.

• Min operating ambient temp: -32 F
• Max operating ambient temp: 131 F

Intelligent Energy Management

The intelligent control and automatic load adjustment technology ensures the P-K EvoHP™ runs at maximum efficiency during part load demand periods. This minimizes deterioration of the compressors, extending the useful life of the appliance.

Dynamic Design

Compact External Rotor DC Motors

High-performance compact external rotor DC motors and integrated design help to maintain low noise and high efficiency.

Large Type C Finned Heat Exchanger

The fins adopt anti-frost coating and corrugated edge spoilers to further enhance the effect of spoilers at strong wind side, which improves heat transfer coefficient, extends frost-free operation time by more than 50% and improves SCOP.

Straight Drain Water Pan

Ensures that water drains away as quickly as possible during defrosting. No stagnant water to freeze and block the water pan.

Trusted by Schools, Hospitals, Commercial / Residential Buildings, and Major Sporting Arenas in NYC

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