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What is a natural gas booster?

A natural gas booster is used to boost the pressure of natural gas above what is provided by the incoming utility service. Natural gas boosters can provide elevated pressure gas up to a maximum of 3 PSI with a flow rate up to 100,000 CFH.

No Seals Required

Hermetically sealed gas boosters do not utilize any mechanical seals and are designed to be completely air-tight for more safe and reliable operation.

Ease of Service

When service or maintenance is required, access to the internal motor and impeller can be easily and quickly accessed without disturbing any permanent field piping.

Over 75 Years of Experience in Industrial and Commercial Gas Boosters

Common uses for natural gas boosters

  • Gas-fired heating and cooling systems
  • Commercial and domestic hot water heating
  • Injection molding
  • Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Shield gas for plasma and laser cutting tools
  • Standby/co-gen power generation 
  • Decorative fire treatments
  • Leak detection
  • Pressure testing
  • Gas mixing systems
  • Food production lines
  • Mechanical seals
  • Any commercial applications requiring elevated gas pressure

Typical end users

  • Office Buildings
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Laundromats
  • Multi-Family Apartment Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Sports Arenas

Regulatory Board Approved Natural Gas Booster Pump Solutions

Accardi Companies is proud to supply Eclipse and AETECH hermetic gas boosters and for all applications. Both of these solutions are well-suited to a wide range of needs.

The best fit for your application will depend on the duty level and your specific pressure needs. All of the natural gas booster systems we supply are approved for installation by local regulatory boards including NYC DOB, Con Edison, National Grid, and Massachusetts Plumbing Board.

Eclipse (Honeywell) Hermetic Gas Boosters

Eclipse is a division of Honeywell International which has been manufacturing industrial combustion products for over 100 years. Eclipse hermetically sealed gas boosters are designed for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications. 

Eclipse hermetic gas boosters can deliver natural gas at any volume within their range which varies by unit from 1 – 100,000 CFH. The boosted gas pressure is relatively constant throughout the flow range with differential pressures available up to 37” W.C.

Eclipse gas boosters are a single-stage design utilizing an explosion-proof motor and spark-resistant aluminum impeller which are both housed internally but can easily be accessed via a fully gasketed, bolted access plate. All electrical connections are terminated in an external explosion-proof junction box for easy installation. 

All Eclipse HB Series gas boosters are UL listed for use on natural and manufactured gases. 

Aetech Hermetic Gas Boosters

AETECH is our own proprietary line of commercial gas boosters. AETECH MD101 Series gas boosters are designed for lighter-duty applications where lower levels of flow and pressure are required.

AETECH hermetic gas boosters are available in pressure ranges from 1 – 1,500 CFH depending on the unit. Differential pressures up to 15” W.C. are available.

AETECH MD101 natural gas boosters utilize a single-stage design. The motor is mounted externally on all AETECH boosters, while the spark-resistant aluminum impeller is fully sealed and housed internally.  Explosion-proof units are also available for hazardous locations. All AETECH MD101 Series natural gas boosters are UL listed.

Natural Gas Booster Applications

NYC Industrial and Commercial Gas Booster Experts

Commercial HVAC

In large commercial applications, HVAC systems are put under high demand every day. For gas-fired systems, higher natural gas pressure is required to meet these needs.

Eclipse HB Series hermetically sealed gas boosters are well-suited for all levels of commercial HVAC including the most demanding installations. Eclipse gas booster systems have been the professional standard for gas boosters in commercial HVAC for over 40 years.

Hot Water Heating

In apartment buildings and hotels, providing a consistent flow of hot water is critical. Commercial hot water heaters often require gas boosters in order to meet this constant demand.

Both Eclipse HB Series and AETECH MD101 Series hermetically sealed gas boosters are excellent for hot water heating applications. Both are approved for installation by NYC DOB, Con Edison, National Grid, and Massachusetts Plumbing Board.

Commercial Cooking

In commercial kitchens, natural gas is crucial because it powers most of the essential cooking appliances. During peak service hours, gas pressure must be maintained in order to keep these appliances hot and keep food cooking.

We recommend AETECH MD101 Series hermetically sealed gas boosters for commercial kitchen applications. These gas boosters are better suited to applications where lower pressures are required.

Manufacturing / Process​

In industrial process applications, natural gas boosters are essential for a long list of applications depending on what is being manufactured. For example, gas boosters are necessary for cutting applications including water-jet cutting, plasma cutting, and laser cutting.

Both Eclipse HB Series and AETECH MD101 Series hermetically sealed gas boosters are well-suited for industrial applications.

Power Generation

When dealing with natural gas, there are myriad uses for natural gas booster systems. One of the most common applications in the industry is power generation since the booster system can provide differential gas pressure to generator equipment when the utility company pressure isn’t enough.  

Boosters servicing power generators typically come furnished with a back-up battery in the case of a power outage.  Reach out to Accardi today to determine which booster best fits your generator requirements.  

Custom System Solutions

At Accardi, we pride ourselves in having the ability to tackle our client’s greatest challenges.  Give then flexibility and modularity of our skidded booster systems, Accardi can deliver tailored solutions built and designed specifically for your project!

Limited footprint? No problem!  Pictured to the left, you can see a stacked duplex Eclipse Gas Booster System.  This particular system has 2 boosters taking up the physical footprint of 1! 

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