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Accardi Companies is much more than just a supplier or distributor. We are gas experts with extensive technical knowledge on Natural Gas Boosters, Boilers, Electronic Mixing Valves, and Natural Gas Regulators.

We work with the best manufacturers in the industry to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We’re proud to partner with well-established, reputable industry names like Honeywell, Eclipse, Pietro Fiorentini, and Patterson-Kelley to provide high-quality commercial gas and boiler solutions.

Accardi Companies

Trusted by Schools, Hospitals, Commercial / Residential Buildings, and Major Sporting Arenas in NYC

Accardi Companies Natural Gas Boosters

Industry Experts In Hermetically Sealed Gas Boosters

Accardi Companies offers hermetically sealed gas boosters from Eclipse and AETECH. Eclipse is a division of Honeywell with over 80 years of manufacturing experience. AETECH is our own proprietary line of natural gas boosters. Designed for lighter-duty applications, our AETECH boosters can provide flow rates up to 100,000 CFH.

Electronic Mixing Valves For Hot Water Systems

Accardi Companies AETECH electronic mixing valves for hot water systems in large and small commercial installations. Our AETECH HP#7 mixing valves can supply reliable hot water in even the most demanding applications.

Accardi Companies Governor Regulators

NY / NJ Specialists In Governor Gas Regulators

Accardi Companies partners with Pietro Fiorentini to supply Governor gas regulators for a wide range of commercial applications. Governor gas regulators are a high-performance gas regulation solution. They are suitable for use with all non-corrosive gases including natural gas, oxygen, LPG, and petroleum.

NY Commercial Boilers / Hot Water Heating Systems​

Accardi Companies carries Patterson-Kelley commercial boilers and water heaters. Accardi offers both condensing and non-condensing Patterson-Kelley water heaters and boilers. PK water heaters and boilers have a small footprint, making them excellent for retrofit applications as well as new construction. Accardi also offers AETECH domestic hot water systems. Both gas-fired, non-condensing and un-fired indirect domestic hot water heaters (condensing and non-condensing versions) are available.

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Hudson Yards

A multi staged expansive 28-acre development project of the old New York City west side train yard. Phase One includes 4 residential …

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Central Park Tower

The newly developed 98 story structure is currently the tallest residential building in the world. It hosts the flagship Nordstrom …

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One World Trade Center
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One World Trade Center

The newly developed 98 story structure is currently the tallest residential building in the world.  It hosts the flagship Nordstrom …

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Madison Square Garden

The legendary sports and other entertainment venue in the heart of midtown Manhattan.  Its latest renovation included an Aetech custom …

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Accardi Companies Barclays
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Barclays Center

The multi-purpose entertainment and retail center utilizes two Patterson Kelley gas fired domestic hot water storage systems designed and provided …

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