Electronic Mixing Valve Systems

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Controls and Fully Integrated Control Systems

AETECH designed, electronic three way mixing valve packages available in multiple sizes and zone configurations.


The Aetech HP#7 Electronic Domestic Hot Water Mixing Valve Package is designed to provide highly accurate and stable domestic hot water temperature, reducing domestic hot water costs by up to 40%. Packages are available with Valve Sizes from 3/4″ to 3” NPT.

The Aetech HP#7 Package includes a microprocessor-based P+I Controller with clear LED Display (and optional manual reset high limit shutdown and alarm capabilities), an enhanced fast-acting Immersion Temperature Sensor with Integral Stainless Steel Well, a Motorized Mixing Valve Assembly with NSF Certified Stainless Steel Valve Body, and a Control Transformer.

The Aetech HP#7 Package is a direct replacement for the obsolete TAHP#7 manufactured by Tour & Andersson, also known as TAC. This package is to be applied on domestic hot water systems which incorporate a recirculation loop with continuous pump operation, and is not to be used as an anti-scald device.

Mixing Valves