High Quality Electronic Digital Mixing Valve Systems


Reduce Hot Water Costs by up to 40%

Aetech Mixing Valves provide highly accurate and stable domestic hot water temperature, reduce hot water costs by up to 40%, and are available in packages of singular valves or fully assembled valves.

Benefits of Using Aetech Digital Mixing Valves

Installing a water heater mixing valve on a residential hot water system has a range of benefits. Digital mixing valves can help cut energy costs and prevent the growth of harmful waterborne bacteria. Some mixing valves can even help prevent scalding by ensuring that tap water is at a safe temperature.

Save Money

In terms of energy costs, a thermostatic mixing valve is a great way to save money. Using a mixing valve means water can be stored at higher temperatures inside the water heater. That means the heater doesn’t need to run as often.

Use Less Water

By mixing hot water with cold water, you also make your hot water go farther. Mixing hot water from the heater with cooler water from the service line means you use less hot water overall. In this way, you effectively use less hot water every time you turn on the tap.

Prevent Bacteria Growth

Storing water at higher temperatures also helps prevent the growth of waterborne bacteria. One of the biggest threats that thermostatic mixing valves protect against is the growth of Legionella bacteria. Legionella bacteria are a main cause of Legionnaires disease. When hot water is stored at temperatures below 120°F, the bacteria can easily grow and thrive. However, at temperatures above 140°F, Legionella can’t survive.

Aetech HP#7 Domestic Hot Water Mixing Valve

- Unmatched 5 year limited warranty
- 3/4" to 3" valve sizes available
- Unique P+I control algorithm
- Valve rated for 250 psi and 350 ̊F operation
- Interchangeable hot & cold port connections
- Available with fail safe actuator

NSF/ANSI Compliant

The AETECH HP#7 electronic mixing valve is robust enough for the most demanding installations. With a NSF/ANSI Standard 372 stainless steel valve body and integrated stainless steel well, these valves will resist corrosion and stand the test of time.

Built-in Processor

Every AETECH HP#7 system includes a microprocessor-based P+I controller with an LED display for easy adjustment. Safety features like a high limit shutdown and custom alarms are built into the controller. The controller communicates with an immersion temperature sensor and motorized mixing valve assembly in order to provide accurate water temperatures.

Valve Sizes 3/4" - 3" NPT

AETECH HP#7 electronic mixing valve packages are available with valve sizes from 3/4” up to 3” NPT. They are designed to be installed on domestic hot water systems utilizing a recirculation loop with continuous pump operation. They are not anti-scald devices and are not intended to provide scald protection.

Aetech Digital Mixing Valve Applications

Ideal for Non-Instant Water Heaters ​

Electronic mixing valves are most often used in domestic hot water applications where traditional non-instant water heaters are installed.

Water heater mixing valves are not needed when instant hot water heaters are installed. However, in large residential or commercial buildings with non-instant water heaters, thermostatic mixing valves are essential.

Residential Hot Water Heaters

In a typical home, you’ll likely find a gas-fired hot water heater which must periodically reheat water to maintain a relatively high temperature. These applications are perfect for electronic mixing valve installations.

AETECH HP#7 electronic mixing valves are designed to reduce domestic hot water costs by as much as 40 percent. They are suitable for domestic hot water systems which use a recirculation loop with continuous pump operation.

Commercial Hot Water Heaters​

Most commercial applications are better suited to instant hot water heaters than they are to water heater mixing valves. However, if your site is using traditional non-instant water heaters, then you can benefit from a digital thermostatic mixing valve.

AETECH HP#7 electronic mixing valves can provide stable hot water temperatures within 1.8°F of the preset temperature level. That means you’ll always have reliable hot water whenever you need it, even in large installations.

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