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Boiler Solutions

  • Equipped with an aluminum heat exchanger and the exclusive ENVI® control, the MACH® C4000 condensing boiler produces 4 million BTU input at 95% CSA certified efficiency. With a thermal efficiency up to 99%, Harsco customers save 25% or more on fuel costs with the MACH® C4000 boiler.

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Hot Water Solutions

The Accardi Companies is proud to announce the new availablitity of the AJAX Boiler line of products.  Their copper finned tubes are ideal for efficient heat transfer over a wide range of applications, while their Ace line of heat exchangers perform dependably and quietly, offering a variety of water heating solutions.

Pump Solutions

With over sixty-five years of experience in the industry, The Accardi Companies knows what pumping solution is best for your commercial, industrial or plant project. From boiler circulators to building loops, our team of engineers will get you flowing. Contact your Accardi sales representative for more information.

Control Solutions

Partnering with industry proven providers such as Hays Cleveland©, Schneider Electric© and IDEC Corporation©, we provide a wide range of control solutions for many building and mechanical room applications. Whether you need to sequence your boilers or check your building status from a PC, The Accardi Companies can help!